show updating statics data

in this article i dont will write what is it statistics in Sql Servers
because for thats quessions you can see in msdn sql server too
i will show hier working query for see updating statics data
because have a many quessions about this query
i will show this query in my self database(compile_projects)
where i teach in Azerbaidjan Technical University for my students
int this database have 4 tables


and we will see updating statics hier
with this sql query

left(cast(user_name(uid)+’.’ as sysname),30) as tablename,
left(,30) as indexname,
case when INDEXPROPERTY(,,’IsAutoStatictics’)=1
then ‘AutoStatictics’
when INDEXPROPERTY(,,’IsStatistics’)=1
then ‘Statictics’
else ‘Index’
end as TYPE,
STATS_DATE(,i.indid) as StatsUpdated,
isnull(cast(rowmodctr/cast(nullif(rowcnt,0) as decimal(20,2))*100 as int),0)
as PercentModifiedRows,
Case i.status & 0x1000000
when 0 then ‘No’
else ‘Yes’
end as [NoRecompute?],
from dbo.sysobjects o join dbo.sysindexes i on (
where like ‘%’
and like ‘%’
and OBJECTPROPERTY(,’IsUserTable’)=1
and i.indid BETWEEN 1 and 254
order by TableName,IndexName


and resuls was succes

show updating statics data

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